How to Measure

The Impact of Your Content

Understand more through data

Start using communication assets that provide data-driven insights for continuous content and ROI optimisation. Our proprietary reporting dashboard gives you access to the most important metrics on your content’s performance. With digital documents you can measure:

Visitors The number of individuals who viewed your publication.

Sessions The number of times your publication was viewed (an individual user can have multiple sessions).

Page views The total number of times a page in your publication was viewed.

Pages per session The average number of pages viewed per session.

Average session duration The average amount of time spent in your publication.

Bounce rate The percentage of visitors who only viewed a single page in your publication.

Expand your analytics capabilities

Integrate your web publications with your analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Adobe Omniture.

Conversion & ROI metrics

  • Number of social login leads
  • Number of form submission leads
  • Outbound clicks
  • Return on investment

Engagement metrics

  • Reach
  • Time spent on your publication
  • Exit rate
  • Video engagement rate
  • Social share rate
  • Average number of pageviews