Deal Based Marketing: the sharp end of ABM.

The story you tell and the way that you deliver it across the entire bid landscape is your greatest opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Our DBM services extend from pre-bid, through the RFP process to post-bid communications, however given the commerically sensitive nature of the work, what we can publicly share is limited.

If you would like to understand more about the influence that effective DBM strategies can have, we can arrange to demonstrate this by appointment.

Differentiated DBM Design

For a major network and cloud contract, we took a radical approach to the Executive presentations - all core questions were answered via a single image and short supporting statement, avoiding all detail of the technical solution with a focus only on Vodafone's commitment to project.

More DBM detail

Request our DBM guide which provides more information about our approach and the most important aspects of DBM you need to consider.

Our belief is that everything should be crafted, there’s no room for “that’ll do.” From the creative content delivery ideas that can create real standout, through to the central, but critical, documents that are expected on any bid such as the executive summary or main presentation.

Most importantly, you need to get the basics right, or all other ideas will fail to have an impact.

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