Area SIX

A dedicated sales enablement platform for Softcat that delivers best-in-class sales and marketing content to the Account Management community. Using our proprietary Carousel platform, content is delivered via an intuitive 'Netflix' style interface, enabling Account Managers to share content with their customers directly and understand whether they've accessed it.

Sales Enablement

Content created for sales only works if the sales community are truly ‘enabled’ to use it, and see the value. To do that it needs to be of the highest quality and fully crafted; connecting the message with the format and approach suitable to enable the job of selling. Importantly it needs to be easy to find and use.

We ensure that sales content tells a compelling story to urge the audience to act. The sales community have key insights on what works and what doesn’t, so their involvement in its creation is vital. We take a considered approach to its creation, making sure it’s designed and written to the highest standard, consciously avoiding the often-accepted mindset of “that’ll do”.

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New engagement model

Softcat Labs is a new customer engagement model designed to address the latest customer specified themes via innovation, technical and service-based insight. Its ultimate aim is to foster the co-creation of solutions and outcomes with Softcat's customers.

NextWave Journal for EY

Enablement content.

In depth insight content from the business and from people, packed into an interactive information resource.

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