For Vodafone Business we implement 1-2-1 ABM programmes designed to widen and deepen relationships, influence existing opportunities and close new deals. Speak to us to find out more about our approach, and the results we get.


ABM dominates B2B sales and marketing activity with one-to-many tactics largely adopted due to the size of target audiences involved.

However, it should never be forgotten that people buy from people, the more complex the deal the greater the need for human interaction. That is why we prefer a different approach – 1-2-1 at scale. Using the customer knowledge and insights of Account teams, we help create ABM sales-based communications that show a better understanding of individual needs and create opportunities for more personalised interactions.

Differentiated can help Marketing teams get the Account Community onboard and educate them in the value of ABM, so they also adopt it. By helping facilitate both to work on ABM activity together, we can identify those insights that will define the most suitable sales-based marketing framework, whether the aim is to positively affect an incumbent client relationship or a contract opportunity.

We also provide tools, strategic and creative support that aid sales communication and help to gather a detailed understanding of what the customer responds to. These can include a dedicated communications portal, customer pitch framework, ‘art of the possible’ content, case studies and more.

Deal Based Marketing: the sharp end of ABM.

We always look at what our clients are trying to achieve first, and then work out the best solution to get us there. We don’t just do something because ‘that’s how it’s always been done’, or because ‘that’s how everyone else does it’ – no templates, no one-size-fits-all approach. Just an extra bit of effort and a more considered approach that challenges conventional wisdom.

DBM is a specialism that requires detailed knowledge and experience of the bidding environment for it to be successful. Each customer is different, as will be the way they run their tenders - our decade of experience across private and public sector bids has given us invaluable insight into what to expect, and how to respond.

Necessitating a collective approach, both the Account and Marketing Teams should be equally involved in bids and our experience of working closely with both means we are ideally positioned to act as the link between the two. We can get the best out of everyone involved and ensure both parties communicate and collaborate effectively.

We understand that people buy from other people, people with credibility, from a credible brand. And people respond to creativity and innovation. Differentiated’s DBM approach brings these principles to life.

Differentiated DBM Design

For a major network and cloud contract, we took a radical approach to the Executive presentations - all core questions were answered via a single image and short supporting statement, avoiding all detail of the technical solution with a focus only on Vodafone's commitment to the project.

More DBM detail

Request our DBM guide which provides more information about our approach and the most important aspects of DBM you need to consider.

Our belief is that everything should be crafted, there’s no room for “that’ll do.” From the creative content delivery ideas that create real standout, through to the central (but critical) documents that are expected on any bid such as the executive summary or main presentation.

Most importantly, you need to get the basics right, or all other ideas will fail to have an impact.

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